Proudly family-owned, Sujan is a collection of three sumptuous, world-class tented camps in Rajasthan: Sujan Sher Bagh – Ranthambhore, Sujan Ther Serai – Jaisalmber, and Sujan Jawai – Jawai Bandh. Spectacularly set in a dramatic wilderness, each property protects, conserves, and restores the surrounding environment, while celebrating the great outdoors. Commissioned to deliver a video per property, coupled with an overarching collective Sujan film, Jagat created four exemplary films each designed to bring to life the individual stories of each property, while narrating the relationship between the flora and fauna of the area. Each film was concepted and developed for use across the Sujan website, social media platforms and trade.

Sujan Jawai

Harking back to the connection between the Rajbari and leopards living together in harmony, this piece focuses on the bountiful and deep relationship people have with the land at Sujan Jawai and the surrounding area.

Sujan Serai

Reminiscent of the magic within Jaisalmer, its fusion between the ways of old and today, this piece follows the desert flower, its endurance, and its representation that what resides in the desert has stood the test of time.

Sher Bagh

In homage to India’s most celebrated Tiger Reserve, this piece evokes a sense of elegant contemplation and discovery, suggestive of resplendent days of old, of memories recalled around the campfire, where tales of adventure live on.

Services Provided

Concept, Production Management, Creative Direction, Client Direction, Casting, Styling, Makeup, Postproduction

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