About Us

Storytelling in today’s visually driven world requires more to cut through. Coupled with a unique visual narrative that reflects your brand’s values and mission, every image, every frame needs to serve as an essential part in creating connection-worthy stories.  Jagat are seasoned storytellers.

A production company that mixes your heritage with a tailored aesthetic, Jagat is the conduit between your physical space, brand, product, and its digital reach.

Utilising the extraordinary skills of specialist brand and visual strategists, directors, photographers, cinematographers, producers, and editors to create unique and highly customised premium digital content, Jagat works with your brand to define who you are, what you care about and your impact.

From concept to completion, Jagat is versed to deliver on both small scale and large deliverables. A socially conscious production house, we utilise a small crew to ensure a low profile, and minimal impact to your guests and the surrounding environment.