Janu, originating from the Sanskrit term meaning 'soul,' embodies a forward-thinking concept encompassing hotels, residences, and a lifestyle brand with the aim of fostering social connections and shared moments of joy.

Emerging from the accomplishments of its pioneering ‘sister’ Aman, Janu is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of luxury hospitality, enriching lives through meaningful experiences, and embracing authentic human interaction. Where Aman is a sanctuary, Janu is connectedness. Where Aman represents refined respite, Janu encapsulates energy and exploration.

Appointed to produce a full service offering to launch the Janu brand globally, Jagat formulated and produced a film from concept to completion that would accentuate Janu as a vibrant community hub of nature, culture, and art.

Shot across multiple locations, Jagat utilised a number of cast members to provide a wholistic production, creative direction, and a consistent elevated visual identity in line with the elevated cachet of this new product. Deliverables are currently used across all channels including global PR agencies, website, social media, and trade shows.

Services Provided

Concept, Storyboarding, Production Management, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Casting, Styling, Photography, Videographer, Directing, Hair and Make-up, Full Postproduction, and final asset delivery.