Luxury Lodges of Australia

We partnered with Luxury Lodges of Australia to create a portfolio of visual content focused on storytelling and authentic Australian experiences. The team were tasked with this dynamic project, which spanned two years and 19 properties. Our still and moving imagery provides vital and rich content for the Luxury Lodges’ website, social media, sales missions and press activities, while Tourism Australia has also used the content in multiple campaigns to the international market.

Our success with the Luxury Lodges of Australia project led several of the more iconic properties to commission further, more specific content. This developed into an on-going collaboration with Baillie Lodges, enabling us to elevate the communication of their brand vision and story through authentic, captivating visual content.

Services Provided

Development, creative, storyboards, casting, styling, film production, cinematography, directing, producing, post-production edit and colour grading, production management budget/logistics and scheduling, permits and location scouting, underwater filming, aerial filming, photography

Content Type

Branded Content and Photography


79 x Content Films
570 x Images

EDM Newsletter
Client Testimonial

“It is vital to work with people who ‘speak your language’ when creating content. In responding to the brief from Luxury Lodges of Australia to produce and create content across the entire collection, the creative team listened and spoke our language.The resulting content from nineteen incredibly diverse locations is both cohesive, and speaks to the unique location, style and experience of each individual lodge.”

Penny Rafferty | Luxury Lodges of Australia

Baillie Lodges

This project lead to some of the more iconic properties within the LLOA portfolio to commission further more specific content. This has developed into an on-going collaboration between the creative team and Baillie Lodges, helping them to communicate their brand vision and story visually with a genuine and captivating result, as showcased on the Baillie Lodges brand site.

Client Testimonial

“From brief to delivery, the communication at each step of the process is considered and effective. As a team, they are not only exceptionally talented at the creative side of production, but also capable of managing the myriad, practical dynamics of a shoot combined with the challenges faced by modern-day business: they remain connected wherever they may be ensuring swift response and action times; project documentation is well structured and formatted; they are very driven to meeting deadlines.”

Alison Russell | Marketing Manager Baille Lodges
Baillie Lodges Social Media